Our trades

Our trades

In order to guarantee its serenity and take better advantage of the opportunities offered by the market, which is in constant change and growth, we have developed a strategy to diversify complementary activities, by training our employees to become versatile and by investing in production equipment.

From conception to completion, our projects are run internally by employees who are trained to use the latest technologies and comply with regulatory standards.

Project management

In order to support our customers in the realization of their projects, we have set up a project management department composed of a team of engineers and technicians trained according to the latest project management standards, and equipped with the best solutions of Rigorous and integrated management, allowing us to manage the projects during all phases, from design to commissioning, and even beyond, during the warranty period.

Workshop production

Over the years, CHARCOMEM has developed a certain expertise in all types of metal constructions: heavy and light steel structures, boiler equipments from the simplest to the most complex, conveyors and equipments for transport and handling of bulk material and mechanically welded structures.

Our factory is ISO 9001-2015 certified and covers a total area of 20,000 m², of which 6,000 m² are covered. The facility’s production capacity is 9,000 tons per year. The workshop is equipped with modern high-capacity machines directly connected to engineering department, which greatly reduces the risk of errors in the transmission of information, and focuses on the quality of the deliverables and the respect of the deadlines.


On-site assembly

CHARCOMEM is equipped with highly experienced and well-equipped on-site construction teams, with exemplary flexibility and very short and well optimized response and execution times.

Quality is our motto. Safety, hygiene and respect for the environment are all the cornerstones of our on-site activities.

CHARCOMEM has, in addition to its very large and varied equipment park, a network of partners covering all the services and subcontracting services that can be envisaged in different projects.

-Means of lifting and handling: cranes of different capacities (up to 700 tons), self-propelled aerial work platforms, forklifts ... etc.

Transport Equipments

Low loader telescopic trailers of different capacities, extendable trailers, etc.

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With this in mind, CHARCOMEM intends to continue and accelerate the modernization of its machinery with the aim of acquiring the most advanced technologies to offer the most efficient services.

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